All fares for Taxi & Private Hire companies are set by Ashford Borough Council's Licensing Authority.

To ensure transparency below we have detailed the fares & rates set by Ashford Borough Council.

We adhere to these rates very strictly, which means that when you book an Arrow Taxi you can be sure of a fair price, without paying any extra for our renowned customer service or the luxury of our fleet of Mercedes E- Class vehicles.

If you would like an approximate cost for a particular journey please give us a call on 01233 666666

Fare for distance or time: Rate 1

If the distance does not exceed 680 yards, for the whole distance or for the first 216 seconds of waiting time

For each subsequent 157 yards or uncompleted part thereof

Or for each subsequent period of 50 seconds of waiting time or uncompleted part thereof

Fare for certain times & days : Rate 2

a) For each hire commenced between 12 midnight and 7 am

b) For each hire undertaken on GOOD FRIDAY, EASTER MONDAY, MAY DAY, SPRING BANK HOLIDAY, SUMMER BANK HOLIDAY or any other specifically declared Bank Holiday only

Fare for certain times & days : Rate 3

c) For each hire undertaken on a CHRISTMAS DAY, BOXING DAY or NEW YEAR'S DAY

When the holiday charge (b) or (c) is payable the Night Charge (a) is NOT payable






1½ x Rate 1

1½ x Rate 1


2 x Rate 1

Guide to Average Expected Fares for Journey Lengths

2 Miles     -   £6.70

5 Miles     -   £13.30

10 Miles   -   £24.50

Extras - up to a maximum of £1.20

a) For each person (excluding infants in arms) carried in excess of two persons (two children under 10 years of age count as one person) irrespective of distance

Note: For the purpose of counting the number of persons that the vehicle is licensed to carry, children under 10 years of age should each be counted as a person. A babe in arms should not be counted as a person

b) For each article of luggage conveyed outside the passenger compartment of the carriage

c) For perambulators

d) For dogs






Rates calculated by time

When the hirer expresses his desire to engage a hackney carriage by time, then the rate of fare shall be calculated by time, such rate or fare being agreed in advance

Journeys outside Council's area

Fares to destinations outside the Ashford Borough area may be negotiated prior to commencement of the journey, but the fare charge must not exceed the above tariff. If no such agreement is reached then the meter fare only must be charged


Any complaints about this vehicle should be made to the Licensing Authority, Ashford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1PL

licensing@ashford.gov.uk          01233 331111